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Male UltraCore


The Superior Choice for

Male Performance Enhancing Supplements

  • Boost T Levels
  • Increase Sex-Drive and Libido
  • Energy
  • Sexual Performance
  • Lean Muscle & Metabolism

And SIZE where it matters MOST!

Why Should Every Man Take Male UltraCore?


Free testosterone gives you your sex-drive, your performance, and your ability to perform at your best. With Male UltraCore, you get everything you need to be the ULTIMATE male. Raise your testosterone levels and feel good about yourself.


Male UltraCore contains a proprietary blend of ultra-powerful ingredients that your proven to give men exactly what they need to see a surge in sex-drive, libido, and sexual performance.


Every man needs an energy boost. With Male UltraCore, you get to experience what it feels like to give your body the best nutrients so you feel more awake, have more energy to perform at work and in the bedroom, and kick fatigue to the curb.


Male UltraCore is a testosterone enhancement supplement first and foremost, but raising your test levels has the added benefit of maximizing your sexual performance.


Testosterone is a building block of any man, and by raising those levels, your ability to get lean, shredded muscles and enhance your metabolism to shed fat goes a long way.


Male UltraCore is a testosterone enhancement product that will give you harder erections when you need them the most. This is a clinically proven benefit to raising test levels and using Male UltraCore.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings per Container: 30

STEM Free Testosterone Complex

Fenugreek (Trigonella foonum-graecum) – 600mg
50% Fenusicles standardized extract

Long Jack (Eurycoma longfolia) – 550mg
30% standardized extract of 9-Hydroxycanthin-6-On

KSM-66 (Withania Somnifera) – 300mg
Ashwaganda Root standardized extract

VI-PEX ZMA Complex

Magnesium (as oxide) – 166mg
Zinc (as oxide) – 30mg
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) – 10mg

VI-PEX Proprietary Blend
1225mg L-Arginine, Tribulus, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, L-Citrulline, Butea Superba, Muira Puama, Damiana Extract, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Rhodiola Rosea
Other Ingredients

Gelatin, Magnesium Sterate, Calcium Carbonate



My views: Male Ultracore has one of the best formulas on the market today. Everything in it is clinically proven to benefit men in every way, including higher testosterone levels, thicker and fuller erections, higher libido and sex-drive, and more sexual performance.

Pros: worked extremely fast. In just a few weeks, my testosterone levels were through the roof, and my penis saw significant size increases. My erections were harder and fuller, too. I also had tons of performance and last way longer. I want sex a lot more when I’m taking Male Ultracore every day.

Cons: each bottle is a 1-month supply, so you need to stock up so you can always take it. They have a limited supply



This is my second purchase. The first bottle worked so well that I bought another one. Saw amazing results in a few weeks. The best results are after 6-8 weeks of usage, apparently. But it’s best just to take it every day anyway so your testosterone levels always stay high.


William T

Saw huge increases in erection size and testosterone levels. Two things that I really needed. With more testosterone and harder, fuller erections, I feel so much better about myself and sex life. Love this product.


William W

Male Ultracore worked really well for me. Increased my size and testosterone levels in just a few weeks.


Robert Redford

Great product. Great customer service.


Harold Mornig

Worked extremely well for me. Easy to take pills and the directions on the bottle are extremely clear.


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What is the difference between this and nugenix?

Male UltraCore and Nugenix are both testosterone boosters for men. Nugenix offers a trial for 14 days. You only receive a half-month supply. Male UltraCore on our site offers a FULL month’s supply for a similar price.

How long should we take it? how many bottles?

They recommended intake for Male UltraCore is 4 capsules, everyday in the morning, about 15-20 minutes before breakfast. I take it consistently and daily. It took me roughly 30 days to see results. Your results could show sooner or later, depending on your health, age, weight, lifestyle, and diet.

Can a person with controlled high blood pressure take this product???

Talk to your doctor before taking any supplements. Male UltraCore contains Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha, and fenugreek, as well as other natural ingredients like maca and Tongkat Ali.

How many of the Male UltraCore capsules do you take daily?

4 capsules, everyday in the morning, about 15-20 minutes before breakfast.

Anyone using Male UltraCore experience improvement in the bedroom ?

I have seen improved testosterone production, energy, and physical performance. All of which takes me to the next level in the bedroom.

Will this add size as well as strength?

A fuller erection with improved erection size and erection hardness.

Can Male UltraCore be used by itself as a pre-workout supplement or should it be used with pre-workout powder?

Male UltraCore boosts your energy levels so you have more energy for workouts, sex, and throughout the work day. If you’re looking for a pre-workout, we would suggest combining it with Ultra Boost.

Can Male UltraCore be used by Adults over 65?

Yes, Male UltraCore is the perfect testosterone for ALL men over the age of 20, so an adult over 65 can definitely benefit from it.

Is this product suitable for vegans (No animal-based products what-so-ever)? Thank you!

Male UltraCore contains no animal-based products

I don't really work out, but will it give me strength and energy on a physical type job?

Yes, Male UltraCore will raise your testosterone levels, which in turn will increase your strength and energy levels. But it’s definitely recommended to combine Male UltraCore with an exercise plan.

I work out first thing in the morning, would I take 2-4 capsules then and still take 2-4 with a later meal?

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules (all at once) of Male UltraCore before your first meal.

How does this work with cardio?

Male UltraCore helps increase your performance, endurance, and energy levels, allowing you to do cardio at a higher rate.

Can I take the male ultracore before I hit the gym?

Yes, you can take Male UltraCore before hitting the gym. There will be no negative interactions while exerting yourself at the gym.

What other ultracore products are taken with this t booster?

Male UltraCore can be taken with any of our UltraCore branded products. We recommend combining Male UltraCore with Ultra Boost for great results.

Will it work for me?

Male UltraCore works by increasing your testosterone levels, performance, energy, sex-drive, and lean muscle growth and metabolism. It works for men over the age of 18.

How long should you be working out before you start taking Male Ultracore?

Male UltraCore is designed to be taken immediately as part of a responsible supplement regimen. There is no waiting period.

can this be used with a pre workout powder drink? or is it taking the place of that pre workout?

You can use Male UltraCore with a pre workout powder. Male UltraCore does not contain caffeine, but it does boost your energy levels.

If I workout early in the morning, when should I take male ultracore?

You should take 4 capsules of Male UltraCore first thing in the morning, before your first meal.

Is Male UltraCore the same thing as Ageless Male?

Male UltraCore and Ageless Male are both testosterone boosters. Male UltraCore is the ULTIMATE free test booster for men over the age of 18. You’ll see results.

Does Male UltraCore work like M Drive?

Male UltraCore and M Drive are both free testosterone boosters for men looking to increase their test levels, energy, sex-drive, and lean muscle. Male UltraCore will get you SERIOUS results with its revolutionary STEM and VI-PEX ingredients blends.

Does Male UltraCore work similarly to Roman Testosterone booster?

Male UltraCore is a testosterone booster that will dramatically enhance your free testosterone levels, your sexual performance, libido, sex-drive, lean muscle growth, and metabolism.

Is Male UltraCore part of For Hims?

Male UltraCore is not a product affiliated with For Hims. Male UltraCore is created by UltraCore Power, which is a supplement company dedicated to men’s performance supplements.

Purpose of Testosterone Boosters

Men take testosterone (T) boosting supplements to naturally improve T levels. When evaluating the composition and advertised claims of “T boosting” supplements, and supporting published evidence, many fall short. This is what sets Male UltraCore apart from the rest of the competition. Male UltraCore has a list of ingredients that are PROVEN to increase free test levels.


Ninety percent of “T booster” supplements claimed to boost T. However, only 24.8% of these had data to support these claims. A total of 10.1% contained components with data suggesting a negative effect on T.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a well-established option for those with symptomatic hypogonadism related to low T levels. However, one study found that 87.8% men with low T were not receiving treatment, despite adequate access to care. The reasons for this are unknown, but some of these men may be seeking alternative treatments, such as care at rejuvenation centers or using over the counter T supplements. These may be used in addition to TRT for males with diagnosed symptomatic hypogonadism, or as a stand-alone regimen.

Approximately 50% of American adults consume dietary supplements to promote overall health and fill dietary gaps. These over the counter “T boosters” are often taken with the hopes of raising endogenous T production and doing this in a more “natural” manner. Many of these compounds have been used in ancient Indian Ayurvedic and Unani medicine systems for their aphrodisiac or anti-aging properties. Male UltraCore contains a FULL list of ingredients known to increase testosterone levels.

Male UltraCore is similar to: Nugenix, Ageless Male, M Drive, Roman Testosterone Support, For Hims, Prime Labs Testosterone Booster